One Belt One Road (B&R)

This marks the 5,000th China-Europe freight train since the regular freight transport service was launched in 2011.

Railway transportation is faster than sea transportation, and cheaper than air transportation. It takes about 12 days to reach Europe from China, one-third of the time needed for sea transportation, and the cost is only 20 percent of air transportation, according to the Belt and Road Big Data Report 2017 issued by the State Information Center.

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Congratulations to our company for shipping Project cargo from Shanghai to Bandar abbas.

Our team have successfully arranged Bulk cargo of 199 Pieces  1388cbm  432240kgs  from Shanghai to Bandar abbas Port with Great Experience! 

Our Team have booked space for them, Loaded them carefully, shipped them in safe and then delivered them on time! The process is GREAT! 

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